October 24, 2020

Roofus: The Chuahuaha on a Rooftop


by Robert Hudson


Imagine hearing the pitter patter of little feet from your house roof top… is it a squirrel? A opposum? Perhaps a raccoon? No, it’s a chuahuaha!


Gregory Dorr, a Phoenix attorney, discovered the dog running around on a roof top of a house in his neighborhood on  Sunday and put out food and water for the little Houdini dog, but could not reach him to get him down.  The Arizona Humane Society got the dog down a few days later, and after visiting the dog at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, Dorr decided to adopt Roofus himself.


The owner of the dog after being notified by the shelter never claimed Roofus.  No word from Dorr if he will clip the little dogs wings!

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