January 24, 2021

Roger The Jack Russell Has an Important Job

by Roger Russell and Barbara Isherwood


Hello there my name is Roger Russell and I would like to tell you how I came to have a most interesting new job.

I have always been a dog who likes to get out and about, not for me lying around and getting stout.   Unfortunately my humans don’t seem to have the time to take me out as often as I would like and so I have had to take matters into my own paws.

As a Jack Russell I am a handy little digger dog and I had found a nice spot beside the back fence in the garden where I could begin my first escape tunnel.  I spent many an hour working on that tunnel while my people were not looking, I had a very cunning plan and I was determined.

Then one day I managed to break through to the other side and I was delighted, I had to stop myself barking with sheer joy for fear of attracting my people’s attention to my bid for freedom.  Taking my chance I squirmed and wriggled my strong little body under the fence, I popped like a cork out the other side and I was free.

Without so much as a glance back I was off at a run, to explore this wonder fragrant fascinating world.  I was so very pleased with myself, it never crossed my mind that being a dog alone in the big wide world might be anything but a fabulous adventure.

I ran for a very long time and slowed to a gentle trot as I saw a park in front of me.  The sheer thought of being able to roam and explore a park on my own made me bark with joy.  I confidently strutted into the park, as only a Jack Russell can, so sure of myself and master of all I saw before me.

I played with a group of children and their ball, it was super fun.  I sat in the long grass and enjoyed the sunshine and then I saw a large mean looking dog heading straight for me.  Before I knew it he was in front of me, asking questions and demanding to know why I was in his park.  He pushed me around and I snapped at him, we Jack Russell’s are not easily scared as you may already know.  The big dog snarled nastily and lunged at me, so I ran between his legs and took off across the park at top speed.  Luckily his human called him away, this gave me my chance to escape.

Deciding to leave the park I smelt some delicious food, I had been away from home for many hours by this time and was feeling quite hungry so I went to investigate.  The sandwich shop was crowded with people and so I joined them thinking that eventually someone would give me some food too.  That was when I realized that humans don’t just give dogs food for no reason, in fact they don’t like it when dogs hang around waiting to be fed when they are not their dogs.  A loud angry man chased me from the shop and I ran away with my tummy feeling very empty indeed.

I wasn’t looking where I was going and darted out into the road, straight into the path of an oncoming car which screeched to a halt just in time.  The driver shook his fist at me and I crept across the road trembling with fear.

Now I am a clever dog and I think I am smart enough to know when it’s time to admit defeat.  I had had quite an adventure out in the big wide world, but it hadn’t quite been what I expected.  As I headed back home I reflected on what I had learned, the most important thing was that I was not really equipped for being alone in the world.  My mother had not taught me how to take care of myself and their had always been humans around to attend to my needs.  I had got so used to it that I didn’t appreciate it, in fact I really thought they were a total bore until now.

As I got closer to home I saw that my people were out in the street shouting my name and looking very upset.  The little girl Abby was crying and then I realized that it was because of me.  You see in all the excitement of gaining my freedom I hadn’t thought about what I was leaving behind.  Abby was the first to see me and she smiled and ran towards me picking me up and giving me lots of hugs and kisses.

The Daddy wasn’t quite so happy, he was just very angry.  I was sent to bed without any supper and next day I woke up to a flurry of noise in the garden.  A wire fence was being installed and it went into the ground, there was no chance of digging under that thing.

The Daddy wasn’t finished though, he called me over and he talked to me as he put a device onto my collar.  I had no idea what it was for but at first it felt a bit strange.  I quickly got used to it and thought no more about it.  We went out for a lovely long walk and when we got back The Daddy showed the family something on the computer.  It turns out that I am now the proud owner of a Pawtel 1000 monitor, it tells the humans where I have been and where I am.  It seems to make them happy and I have to say it’s quite interesting to monitor my movements.  I can tell them how my day is and what I have been doing and they can check on my health.

So that brings me to my new job,  I am Chief Product Tester for the wonderful new Pawtel 1000.   I even have a special human whose job it is to take me to new and interesting places and then track everything on the monitor, it’s a great job for me because I get out and about a lot more and it has stopped me wanting to escape all the time.  I get to give my people regular updates on my day and I think if it goes well I may start my own blog, apparently it’s the latest thing.


Barbara Isherwood, is Chief Content Officer for Pawtel Club https://pawtel.club/ and Editor in Chief for Pawtel Club’s online magazine, Pets in Print.







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