September 19, 2020

Roadrunner-a Brave Little Dog and Survivor


Roadrunner, a Tibetan Spaniel, arrived in critical condition at KC Pet Project in Kansas City, MO  on November 9.  He was a victim of unspeakable cruelty.   Roadrunner was strangled and beaten by his owner, who lived in an apartment complex in Kansas City, then thrown off a 3rd floor balcony and left for dead.

Witnesses called Kansas City, MO animal control who responded to the scene and brought the little dog to KC Pet Project. Recognizong the critical nature of his injuries, he was then rushed to Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital for emergency care. Unfortunately, due to severe facial trauma, his eyes could not be saved and he underwent surgery to remove both of his eyes.


Roadrunner is now resting comfortably in a loving foster home. He will need additional medical care and therapy to adapt in a world without his sight. Everyone who’s met him said he is a sweet little dog who just wants to be loved and is happiest in your lap.

In the past year alone, KC Pet Project has received over 470 animals  as a result of cruelty or neglect in Kansas City, MO. Please help them to raise needed funds for Roadrunner’s surgeries and ongoing medical care by donating today to the KC Pet Project medical fund.


More details have not been made public.

The City of Kansas City, MO has issued the following statement regarding his case:

“The City wants you to know that the City Council and City Prosecutor are very aware of this case and are proceeding accordingly. The investigation is still underway. Expect to see citations issued for City-level charges for animal cruelty and abuse.

Additionally, based on the severity of the abuse, the case will go to the state prosecutor for consideration of higher level State charges. Please recognize that this process may take a couple of days. It is better to make sure that the investigation is thorough and complete, so that the strongest possible case is built to pursue the strongest possible charges.”

In the over 470 abused  animals taken in by KC Pet Project, not one case has been prosecuted. The prosecutor’s office may be reached at 816-881-3555.

Tori Fugate – Manager of Marketing & Development, will appear on the Pet Radio  show November 29th  to discuss this case.

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