Rhodesian Ridgeback Saved by Jaws of Life


OCEANSIDE, Calif — A dog named Spike managed to squeeze between two large storage containers and then got stuck after playing  with kids on an Oceanside elementary school playground on Sunday.  Firefighters used the “jaws of life” rescue equipment to move the heavy steel boxes far enough apart  so that the dog could walk out on his own..

Spike, a 12-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback,  was playing with children at South Oceanside Elementary School on Sunday when he ran around behind the large metal boxes.  He then tried to run between the storage units, which sit less than a foot next to each other, and got stuck.


At first, crews from the Carlsbad Fire Department went to the school but they were unable to move the heavy containers so they summoned a ladder truck from Oceanside Fire Department who had the Jaws of Life.


Firefighters were able to move the containers about six inches, providing enough room for the dog to free himself. After turning off their equipment, Spike’s owners were able to coax the dog to safety.