Review-The Purrfect Post Deluxe



I received my Purrfect Post Deluxe a few days ago via UPS. It arrived in a big flat box. There are only two pieces to assemble: the post to the base via one long screw located in the hole underneath the post.  You simply unscrew the screw to remove it, insert it into the hole underneath the base, hold the post against the opposite side, and screw in the screw! All you need is a phillips screw driver. Takes less than five minutes. Once fully screwed in, the post is very firmly attached and snug.

The base is large enough and heavy enough so it is near impossible to knock over the post.  The sisal material, (not rope) is wonderful. It is just the right texture to promote scratching, and yet very durable and not ratty looking. It should last for years. Both the base and the post are covered with it.

It is 31.5 inches tall- plenty of room for any cat to stretch and scratch.

I love everything about this. It is stylish and smart looking, and very solid and well made. It is the last post I will need for several years. It even came with high grade fresh catnip that is so strong my cat was flipping out just smelling the bag before I opened it!

Two big thumbs up!