Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Resisting those begging puppy dog eyes! When to give treats

by Roz Lishak


It’s fairly safe to state, that unless your dog can confidently open a kitchen cupboard or master the refrigerator door themselves, you and only you folks, are totally and utterly responsible for what they eat. Having welcomed your new arrival into your home , responsibility for their food habits and behaviour is also ours, so how do you resist those puppy dog eyes, now that they have their paws firmly under your table, duvet and yes your skin!


Your pooch is now a part of the family, that’s a big yes…but not quite human!


I know, I know, it’s a very close run thing when an intelligent, fun loving beast with such affection and energy enters your world, steals your heart with their unconditional love and undeniable loyalty, becoming the ultimate canine companion so yes, it can be oh too easy to forget that they need a lot of care and attention and a bit of thought back in return.


This thought though, goes out to anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of bringing a dog into their life, the lucky ones who still sits quietly and contently on their sofa with a cookie from the cookie jar, because if and when those puppy dog eyes do catch you snacking, their charm offensive is swiftly switched on to the max, will go wildly into overdrive along with a stare to melt even the most responsible of us who have every intention of never giving in…well,  til that very very last bite….you know it can involuntarily happen, it’s that last slice, almost a reflex action , it’s that final nibble or those crumbs on your lap, but lets stop and consider, what message is sharing our food sending out to our dog?


Yet confusingly enough, when we reward a dogs behaviour with a treat, we say we’re “sharing”, and when we don’t want them asking we then say it’s “begging” , so how can we expect our dogs to know the difference between the two!

When deciding on shaping your dog’s food behaviour patterns, it’s vital to remember that an edible treat is not mistaken for a meal replacement, almost becoming a constant graze, and importantly that food isn’t given from the table or when anybody too tempted may do so, which passes on a multitude of hidden messages to your dog!


Roz Lishak is a canine nutrition and pet lifestyle blogger. Promoting all things Human & Hound , passionate member of the puuparazzi, she’s the broadcaster with the right pawsonality!

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