September 28, 2020

Rescue Cat Saves Owner From Fire


Danielle Schafer woke from a sound sleep to her cat jumping up and down on her chest to find her apartment on fire. As the smoke thickened and flames spread through the apartment walls, she left her bedroom and went into her kitchen.  Loud explosions outside her kitchen door, (which turned out to be propane tanks) sent her back to her bedroom to find her 12 pound cat named Kitty.


As the apartment filled with heavy smoke, Danielle  became separated from  Kitty and was forced to leave the apartment without her. After going to a motel for the night, she returned the following morning to look for Kitty.


“It was pitch-black smoke, and I tried opening the bedroom windows,” Schafer told reporters. “I was yelling, ‘Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!’”

The fire was put out but Kitty was still missing.


“I have to find find my cat. She saved my life, I need to save hers.”


When it all seemed hopeless, a firefighter called for Danielle . Expecting the worst,  Danielle lit up with joy as he approached her with Kitty in his arms.


The cat had taken shelter in a pile of pillows that protected it from the heavy smoke.




Kitty was treated for smoke inhalation and corneal abrasions at Cornell’s Companion Animal Hospital, where she stayed for several days.


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