Q and A with Dr Lori Huston


We are taping a new segment for the show with Dr Lori Huston, a vet. for cats and dogs who will answer your questions about your dog or cats healthcare. Post your questions on our Facebook page or submit them here and she will answer them on air starting April 13th.

Lorie Huston, DVM is a small animal veterinarian with over 20 years experience with dogs and cats. She is also a free-lance writer and blogger, as well as a social media and search engine optimization strategist.


Lorie attended the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1986 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to that, she attended the University of Nebraska, where she received a Bachelor of Science.

Veterinary Work

Lorie currently practices veterinary medicine in Rhode Island. She cares for both dogs and cats and enjoys interacting with pet owners and their pets. Surgery is her favorite part of the business day.

Writing and Social Media Work

Several years ago, Lorie saw a need for more accurate information about pet care online. As a result, she started writing and blogging. You can find her at her personal blog, Pet Health Care Gazette. Lorie’s pet care and pet health articles have been widely published both offline and online, and can be found in FIDOFriendly, Pet Sitter’s World, PetMD and many others.

Her interest in social media and search engine optimization sprang up as a natural extension of her online writing. She currently maintains Social Savvy Pets.

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