April 15, 2021

Product Review: CatTamboo- a different cat wand toy


When I first saw the video of the CatTamboo, I was intrigued. Most cat wand toys I have seen consist of a handle with a line attached to it that has a lure at the end.  The CatTamboo has no line, but instead a very long and very flexible wand with the lure attached directly at the end of the wand.  It is so flexible that you can create all sorts of different motions that will entice your cat to play. It reminds me of a fly fishing rod!

Dickens is a 13 year old Siamese mix cat that does not get enough exercise.  It took only a moment for him to take notice of the dangling and darting feathers and to begin leaping in the air. I have not seen him so fixated on something since I had a laser pointer.

I was a bit concerned on how easily the very thin wand would break, but the shipping packaging was perfect and on close examination, it is amazing how strong and durable the wand is while being so flexible.

The more you work with it and practice, you can figure out different moves that your cat responds best to. This enables you to do so much more than a traditional cat wand toy is able to do. You can get an idea of what I mean by watching the video above.

Like all cat wand toys, you should not allow your cat to chew on the feather lure or hold it for too long, otherwise the lure will not last very long.  The objective of the cat wand toy is to bring out the hunt drive for exercise, not the kill drive! You can train your cat to release it with its favorite treat.

CatTamboo is available in different colors, and three different types of wild feather toys: goose feather toys, turkey feather toys, and pheasant feather toys. The prices range from 14.99 to 17.95 when ordered from their web site

I also love the CatTamboo cat wand toy because it is the brainchild of an every day, proud pet parent, and I love seeing innovative ideas from everyday people! Visit their web site at www.cattamboo.com

I predict this will become the next big cat wand toy and eventually the most copied. It is just too much fun!

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