June 16, 2021

Presa Canarios: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Them

by Steffy Alen


There’s something that your home is missing. This something is the pitter-patter of little puppy feet. In the case of Presa Canarios, large puppy feet. 

The canary mastiff is a large, intelligent animal that will stand by your side for years to come. They are loyal through and through as long as you raise them the right way. 

Training these babies isn’t for the faint-hearted. Since they’re a working breed, they need to be exercised on a regular basis. That’s not all you need to know about keeping your Presa happy and healthy. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing animal. 


Exercise Is a Must 


If you don’t have time to take your Presa Canario on a long walk every single day, they aren’t the pet for you. They are a working breed, which means they have to have something to do. 

If you don’t give them something to do, they’ll take it out on your personal possessions. They’ve got to burn off their energy, so they aren’t the best pet for apartment living. 

You’ll need to hold off on buying a Presa puppy until you have a huge backyard where they can stretch those long legs. They also excel at competitions and dog shows. Training them to do that is a great way to keep them active. 


Getting a Puppy Isn’t Cheap 


When you find Presa Canarios for sale, your jaw may hit the floor when you see the price. Buying one may cost you up to 2000 dollars. 

This is because of all the work that goes into raising them. They’re a complicated breed that needs specific training and care. They’re also blacklisted in the US because their protective nature makes them come across as violent. 


Nutrition and Diet 


To make sure your Canadian catch dogs stay in optimal health, you have to choose the right food and set feeding times. This is a little easier said than done. 

That’s why it’s important to schedule a vet visit while they’re still a puppy. The doctor can make suggestions and tell you how much food your dog needs. 


Having One Isn’t for the Faint-Hearted 


This dog was originally bred to defend against wild animals and protect livestock. This means that they can be a little aggressive by nature unless you socialize them early. 

They’re dominant so, it takes an experienced trainer to handle them. This means they’re not the best pet for first-time owners. You may need to hire a dog trainer to take over. 

If you don’t, it will be hard for you to leave the dog alone with small children and other dogs when they get older. 


Raising Presa Canarios  


Presa Canarios are loyal, sweet dogs if you raise them the right way. You have to make sure they get plenty of exercise, or your home will suffer from their pent-up energy. 

They’re also not the best pets to have if you have children or other dogs. That is unless you take the time to train them. If you do, your puppy will be the best dog you’ve ever had. 

Are you looking for more ways to take care of your Presa? Check out our blog daily for all the latest tips and tricks. 


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