Fri. Dec 14th, 2018

Podcast-Teaching Safe Child/Dog Interaction to Parents


The internet is full of pictures and video of small children and infants in close interaction with dogs.  How safe are these children? What are the proper  ways for children to interact with dogs and what role should parents and guardians play to keep all safe?

In this interview with Dr. Sophia Yin, we talk in great detail all of these concerns and more. Dr. Yin was a very well known veteranarian and animal behaviorist who trained many of the best known cat and dog behaviorists practicing today.  This interview was recorded in 2013.  Dr. Yin took her own life in September, 2014.  This in depth interview is an hour long.

      sophia yin interview - Pet Radio Show


New video podcasts


Some of our best podcasts from the last six years and selected new podcasts are being produced onto a video format to enable easy sharing and access, and will be posted very soon!

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