November 25, 2020

Podcast: Tale of Two Cats



Diane Eaton joins us to share her children’s book with us:

One-year-old Bingo is extremely happy when the Browns adopt him and take him to their farm. Hed been at the shelter a long time. But when Buddy, a small kitten from Virginia, joins the family, he finds himself in charge of the new animal. Its not exactly what Bingo had in mind.

Despite their similar appearance, the two cats are as different as black and white. Bingos idea of an idyllic life is to sleep on sun spots. He loves to help his dad drive the car. Buddy wants to get outside and see the world. He loves the garden and enjoys smelling flowers and meeting all the strange animals that visit there. The two mismatched cats set off on adventures that sometimes get them into trouble and other times are heartwarming experiences.

When two of the neighborhood kids meet the cats, it doesnt take long before the whole neighborhood bonds together. Bingo and Buddy are included in just about everything that happens, including trick or treating on Halloween.

This book for young readers shares a story of two cats, their antics, and the lessons to be learned.

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