January 20, 2021

Podcast: Striker in Chains

Discovered by a crew from Digital Air Strike, Striker is a pit bull mix dog found undernourished and chained to a tree in Detriot with no shelter, food, or water. Listen to the story of someone who by chance encountered this poor dog and chose not to just keep walking, but to arrange help.  Would you have done the same?  You will hear how Striker was not only rescued, but adopted to a home in Arizona!


Digital Air Strike decided to sponsor Striker’s journey home to Arizona and the company hoped to raise awareness in the process. Bill Taylor, one of the company’s executives, drove Striker from Detroit to Scottsdale with stops at landmarks like the St. Louis Arch and Cadillac Ranch. The trip was documented on social media, with the hashtag #StrikerToScottsdale, and the journey was completed on the 20th with a welcome party before Striker returned to his “fur-ever-home!”

This is a heartwarming, family friendly account of people opening their heart to a dog in peril.


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