Sun. Feb 17th, 2019

Podcast- Story of a 50 Year Old Woman Who Dares to Do What Most Others Would Not to help Animals

Jill skydives for the animals!

Jill Hoffman is a 50-year-old public relations and marketing professional from Los Angeles, CA. She began running a little over two years ago after receiving an email from the ASPCA about Team ASPCA and the chance to raise money for animals by participating in the 2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon. She was recovering from a DVT and multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms at the time. She took the email from the ASPCA as “a sign” to join Team ASPCA and has been running to help animals ever since. She has raised approximately $7,000 to date since 2014 as a member of Team ASPCA.

She will share with us her journey from a life changing event to a new passion that has enriched her life and given her a way to make a difference for animals.

We also speak to Jeff Kalish of  Help2Pet that helps people plan for a natural disaster to keep their pets safe

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