Wed. Jun 26th, 2019

Podcast: Project Freedom With 6yr old Roman McConn

6 year old Roman McConn and Project Freedom Ride


In this podcast we meet Jennifer McConn and her six year old son Roman who transport dogs from over crowded shelters in Texas to Washington state where they find loving homes, and Roman is the spokesperson who makes videos of the rescue dogs to get them placed. Roman is a fantastic spokesman- articulate, funny, and caring!  A great role model for other children. Roman shares with us his love and passion for all the dogs he encounters and Jennifer tells us how it all got started.  A family making a difference, a child growing up with values of compassion, and death row dogs getting a second chance at life.  You cannot make up a great story like this!

Visit their Facebook page to contact them to sponsor a transport, get the latest news of the group, see great photos and to contact them! Please share and lets make Roman a national star! Making America compassionate again.

Listen to the podcast here:

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