June 16, 2021

Podcast-Pet Chickens Childrens Book and a modern day farm for animal lovers

In this podcast we speak to childrens author Melissa Taylor who has written a book for kids about the 14 chickens and other animals on her farm. This is a charming book that shows children how all animals are loving creatures to be respected and treasured. Listen in for great fun and excitment for all! Your kids will love it!


 “Runtamuffin Tale is a sweet,funny and basically true story about my chickens and their life at my farm with the horses, dogs and people they are surrounded by. The way the chickens respond to each other and the friendships they have built with the dogs and horses.

This story is based on the true life adventures of my chickens and their life at Legacy Farms. Runtamuffin, Aka Runti, is the smallest of 14 chickens and she has the biggest personality! She loves the attention of all the people and truly has a friendship with Mariett! I wrote this book from my heart and how I personally see my chickens and the life they live through my eyes. There are several life lessons – from sharing, believing in yourself, love, friendship, respect, and most of all … your size doesn’t matter! I truly hope you enjoy the book and the wonderful illustrations as much as Marc and I do.”


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