February 24, 2021

Podcast: My Life in a Cat House- an interview with Gwen Cooper

My Life in a Cat House Book Cover My Life in a Cat House
Gwen Cooper
Benbella Books
November 6, 2018

Celebrate the human-feline bond with all its joys, mysteries, and life-changing moments. Gwen Cooper--author of the blockbuster international bestseller Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life With a Blind Wonder Cat--returns with the ongoing adventures of her much-beloved, world-famous fur family. Ideal for new readers and longtime fans alike, this collection of eight purr-fect cat stories is filled with all the humor and heart Gwen's devoted readership has come to know and love. An adorable, five-week-old rescue kitten slowly learns to trust the woman who saved her. An obsessive cat teaches himself to play fetch and demands it morning and night from his hapless mom--whether she's working, sleeping, eating, bathing, or trying to enjoy some "alone time" with her husband. And Homer, the Blind Wonder Cat himself, returns triumphant in a new story about life and love after worldwide fame. Read all eight stories in one sitting, or savor each gem of a "tail" on its own. My Life in a Cat House will leave you laughing out loud, shedding an occasional tear, and hugging your own cat a little bit closer.


Best selling author Gwen Cooper,  known for Homer’s Odyssey, brings us a celebration of her cat family in her new book  My Life in a Cat House. You get an inside look at living with 5 cats, one blind and one tripod. Learn what goes into writing a book like this after a best seller like Homer’s Odyssey. Join in on the fun and give a listen. Its pure joy and love.

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