Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

Podcast-Love Unleashed For Senior Dogs and NatGeo Animal ER


by Robert Hudson


Love Unleashed is a short documentary film about the bond between humans and their senior dogs. It is part of a Mother/daughter team project called Project unconditional which includes this film, a photo book, and a video series that features interviews with senior dog parents.

Since 2012, Jane Sobel Klonsky has traveled the country, meeting and photographing old dogs and their people. Her subjects have been people of varied backgrounds and dogs of many sizes and breeds, each with their own unique story.  Her series, Project Unconditional, captures these beautiful senior dogs in photographs and celebrates the bonds of unconditional love they share with humans.

Jane’s daughter Kacey is a film maker, and began creating videos to promote her Mom’s book, and that grew into a deeply touching 14 minute movie.

The film is being shown at a film festival in the Portland area on October 1st.

Also on the podcast is an interview with Dr. Beale of NatGeo Wild  Animal ER




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