April 15, 2021

Podcast: Louis and Tabitha-Love Affair of Two Cats From Different Worlds

Luis and Tabitha Book Cover Luis and Tabitha
Stephanie Campisi

Luis is an alley cat who has everything figured out . . . until he meets Tabitha, a beautiful indoor cat. Separated by a tragic glass door, Luis will do anything to be with Tabitha--even brave the dangers of a fire. With adorable illustrations and undeniable style, Luis and Tabitha is the story of two star-crossed kitties who prove that true love conquers all.

Stephanie Campisi, author of the picture book Louis and Tabitha joins us to share her story of a cat version of Lady and the Tramp- A street cat falls in love with a white fluffy feline who lives indoors and courts her from the other side of the glass. What happens next will warm your heart!

You will hear an overview of this charming story for children and how it will brighten your child’s day while learning the power of love.





top right author Stephanie Campisi bottom right illustrator Hollie Mengert


The book is available on Amazon and Walmart and all traditional book sources.

Publisher : Familius
Published Date : 2018/09
Binding : Hardcover
ISBN : 9781641700405
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