June 16, 2021

Podcast: Jason and the dog that saved his life

In this podcast we meet Jason Bertrand and Sugar Mama, two peas in a pod! Sugar Mama was an abused fighting dog, and Jason had a childhood not wished on anyone, and spent time in prison with his Father in side by side cells. Jason and Sugar met in prison in a program called Tails that pairs inmates with dogs needing training to become adoptable.


Upon Jason’s release, he was able to adopt Sugar Mama and together they have a new life, second chances and a bond that cannot be broken. Jason’s story has profound sadness, joy, and hope that will inspire ANYONE. Jason is very open, emotional, repentant  and an inspiration for us all. Breaking all stereotypes. A story of compassion. Not your typical dog rescue story, but a story of the power of love for a dog and by a dog.

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