June 16, 2021

Podcast: How My Dog Changed My Life



In 2003, Fiona was diagnosed with MS, a degenerative neurological condition that affected her ability to walk. But instead of accepting the doctor’s prognosis of a life in a wheelchair, she was determined to control her own destiny and began studying adaptive fitness therapy. Inspired by the results, she started to train other people suffering from pain and limited mobility.

Fiona Gilbert went on to become one of the leading medical fitness trainers in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as presenting programs nationwide. Her practice encompasses movement therapy, neurological rehabilitation, chronic pain management, training other health professionals, and consulting for companies on medical fitness. She also established Quanta Therapies, a multidisciplinary biohacking company that partners with international biotech, medical device, supplement and life science companies to integrate new methods into existing medical models.

This maverick healer and entrepreneur credits her dog, Koda, with giving her the strength and stability to keep up with her demanding career. Koda helps Fiona while she works so that she can preserve her body strength and concentrate fully on her clients. He ensures that she is safe and walking well, which can be difficult due to her MS symptoms. And he accompanies her as she travels around the country presenting programs. By helping Fiona, Koda is, in effect, helping countless other people with pain relief and mobility.


Koda is from and trained by  Animal Farm Foundation, a non profit organization that trains pit bulls to be service dogs- breaking the stereotypes. If you have need for a service dog or know someone who does, please visit their website.


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