June 16, 2021

Podcast: Homeless man taking care of feral cats dies and community takes over the care

photo by Jasmin Dulay


Antonio Garcia was homeless on the streets of Chicago and for four years he shared an alley with stray cats that he loved and cared for. Four young women helped him feed the cats and got them neutered before he died of exposure to the severe cold of the windy city. Now these women and the community are continuing to manage and care for the colony in Antonio’s memory.

Cynthia Doepke, one of the four women working with Antonio join us to share the heart warming story of a simple man who loved cats and how a community stood with him. This cat tail of feral cats, TNR, and homlessness just might change some stereotypes.

“Helping Cats Near You Workshop”
Conrad Sulzer Regional Library
4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60625

Sunday, March 25
FREE TNR workshop. Demonstrations, tricks & tips, Q&A’s with experienced rescuers and more.
RSVP to Liz Houtz, catwomanliz@yahoo.com or 773 898 9899

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