June 16, 2021

Podcast: Community Provides Fences For Chained Dogs

This is the story of everyday people in a community  that formed a group that provides fencing for people who chain their dogs- without judgment to give the dogs a better life and give residents of Washington state the ability to comply with the state of Washington’s tethering law. Learn how they made this program a success and how you can form a simular group in your community.  South Sound Freedom Fences is based in Tacoma Washington.

“Unchaining the Spirit
 We believe that every dog deserves a SAFE unchained life. Some owners need a little extra education or coaching on what life on a chain does to their sweet pooch. Sometimes it’s as easy as explaining the long lasting effects of a chain or tether, a repair to an existing fence and other times it’s building a complete fence from the ground up. These services are provided free of charge to the family. “

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