February 24, 2021

Podcast: ASPCA Cat Of The Year- Cat Named D.O.G.

D.O.G. is a cat with an important mission: to help train service dogs!

Peggy Musen, Executive Director of Duo- an organization that breeds, trains, and places service dogs- explains how D.O.G. plays an important role in training the dogs not to be distracted by cats and other animals. It does not stop him however from making friends with the puppies and dogs and he even plays with them!

ASPCA® Cat of the Year: D-O-G, St. Louis, MO

D-O-G (pronounced dee-OH-gee) is the fearless live-in cat at Duo, Inc. His job is to provide unique behavioral training for dogs who are themselves in a two-year program where they will learn to either assist people with mobility and hearing impairments or provide emotional support to children and adults as they navigate the legal system.

D-O-G helps these dogs become comfortable around other animals, including cats, and avoid distractions as they focus on their work. D-O-G’s presence has proven to have a positive impact on Duo’s dogs, and the once homeless cat is now considered instrumental in helping service dogs get the training they need to support people all over the country and in Europe.

For his dogged dedication to helping other animals become effective and comfortable support animals, D-O-G is deserving of the ASPCA Cat of the Year Award.

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