September 19, 2020

Pig the Dog Trains For Therapy Work


Pig the dog is one of the most unusual looking dogs you may ever see. She was born with a birth defect  called “short spine syndrome”. She appears to not have a neck and the length of her body is about 7 inches shorter than normal, giving her the appearance of a pig! This has not stopped her from having plenty of energy just like a normal dog and she is full of love.


Pig the dog runs and plays just like any other dog, but has to eat in small amounts because her organs are pressed tightly together and she is missing some ribs.


Kim Dillenbeck is training Pig to be a therapy dog, and has already made arrangements for Pig to work for Hand in Paw, an organization that provides animal assisted therapy to children and others in hospitals.

“I know Pig will be a natural at it. She has such a gentle soul. I am so excited!”, Kim told us.

Laura Cardwell, Executive Director said, “Pig would be great (therapy) for children on walkers”.

Kim Dillenbeck will be a guest on the Pet Radio show 06/28 and taking questions from callers.

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