April 15, 2021

Petfinder Foundation helps shelters in need and makes them stronger


If you have visited pet blogs and web sites around the internet, you have probably seen the Petfinder widget showing you dogs and cats available for adoption in your area.  The Petfinder Foundation does much more than that.

Petfinder helps to build stronger rescues with grants, education, and training with the goal of ending euthanasia.

To accomplish their mission of ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets, they concentrate their work in four core programs: Care of Shelter Pets, Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery, Sponsor a Pet, and Rescue U.



Grants of this type include disaster preparedness, emergency transport and vetting, and funding for disaster recovery.



Funding homeless pets nationwide. Grants in this category include pet food, vaccines, sheltering, and general operating grants.


Menifee County RU

Rescue U is a program that recruits volunteers from all over the country to help animal shelters in need. Shelters can apply to be a part of the Shelter Base program which cultivate their local volunteers and funds small projects to improve the shelter, or to receive a Shelter Renovation where their Rescue U team visits the shelter and gives it an overhaul.


orange kitten 1

Even if you can’t adopt, they make it easy to help provide shelter and care for a pet awaiting a home. They provide a way for shelters and rescues to fundraise for the pets in their care, and cultivate local donors to make their group more sustainable.

The Petfinder Foundation supports thousands of animal welfare organizations that are members of Petfinder by providing direct funding as well as training/education and grants of equipment and supplies so that hundreds of thousands of homeless pets have happier lives and so that the thousands of shelter and rescue folks who work with them can better perform their jobs.

Learn more about Petfinder Foundation on July 7th when Karen Hollish, Program Marketing Manager for Petfinder Foundation joins the Pet Radio Show.

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