Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Pet Pardon app will enable animal lovers to share to save a life

Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sheryl Joyce, Founder and CEO of Pet Pardon LTD. At the time, she was just starting out on her journey in developing the Pet Pardon App, which is focused on relieving the pressure on shelters and rescues by creating an easier channel for the public to donate and support animals who are due to be euthanized.

As a fellow animal advocate, I’m pleased to share that she has brought together the necessary ingredients to resolve the issues shelters and rescues have and greatly assist those who would adopt the animals. She has examined the underlying problems and, having experience in marketing/pr of technology companies, applied her knowledge as best as she knows how for the company to benefit investors as well as solve the ‘animal’ crisis.


As of right now, there is not one app strictly dedicated to networking animals at high-kill shelters specifically the animals on the euthanasia list. Watch the video to learn more:


Through her own network, and using her own money, and hundreds of hours of personal sweat equity invested, her and her team have now structured the essentials to complete the development of the App and are now in beta testing.


Of course, there remains much work to be done before launching into the App store – which obviously requires further investment.

If you are interested in investing in this exciting venture, please contact Sheryl directly at


 If you wish to help Sheryl, spread the word and be kept in the loop with the App progress follow Pet Pardon on:

Instagram petpardon

Twitter pet_pardon

Facebook PetPardonApp


About Pet Pardon:

Founded in the UK in 2017, by Canadian ex-pat Sheryl Joyce – a lifelong animal lover and networker, Pet Pardon was created to help raise awareness of the number of dogs and cats at high-kill shelters in the UK, US and Canada. Using the ‘Pet Pardon’ App animal lovers will be able to share their plight with their networks to save as many as possible from imminent death

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