January 17, 2021

Pet cat believed dead in 2018 mudslide shows up at a shelter

As we pass the third anniversary of the heartbreaking Montecito Debris Flow mudslide in California, a miracle comes from out of the tragedy. 

Patches disappeared the night of the Montecito Debris Flow in January 2018.  It was assumed that Patches had passed away along with her owner Josie who perished,

So when a stray calico cat was brought to  ASAP Animal Shelter Assistance Program in December 2020, it was a shock to discover, upon scanning her microchip, that she was, in fact, the long lost Patches.

Josie and her partner Norm (who miraculously survived that fateful night) were long-time supporters of ASAP, and when we discovered that Patches’ microchip was registered in Josie’s name, we were able to contact their family and facilitate a reunion no one thought possible.

Norm, pictured here reuniting with Patches, had no idea that she was still alive. He was overwhelmed when he came to pick her up on New Year’s Eve, as though he’d seen a ghost. And in a way, it was almost like he had. Even more unbelievable, is the fact that Patches was found less than a quarter mile away from her original home in Montecito.

Though we don’t know exactly what she’s been doing with her life for the past three years, we can see that both Patches and Norm are thrilled to be reunited.

 As we see time and time again, a lost cat with a microchip has a much greater chance of being reunited with their family…no matter how, or for how long, they’ve been separated. đź’—

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