November 27, 2020

Pet brand launches “Cove”, a beautiful litter box made from recycled plastics


Pet furniture startup Tuft + Paw has launched a minimalist litter box with an integrated scoop, dustpan, and hand brush built by designers, engineers, and cat behaviorists.


“One of the most annoying things about owning a cat is the litterbox. You either get a simple but ugly plastic bin that looks like it came from a dollar store. Or you get a space-aged robot that’s huge, loud, and prone to breaking. I wanted something that was simple, beautiful, and easy to clean – but nothing existed.”


Tuft + Paw is a small team of furniture designers, engineers, and animal behaviorists who are obsessed with cats. Jackson Cunningham is the founder with 10+ years in ecommerce and product development, Steve Suchy is our head of product – with over 10 years experience in high end furniture design. Grace Partridge is head of brand (ex. Art Director at Article Furniture). Marci Koski is the in house cat behaviorist.


The litterbox has gone through many iterations – between automatic vs simple and ultimately landing on a very simple solution.


After in depth user research, they discovered the most important feature of a litter box is that it should be easy to clean. Yet many litter boxes have shapes and materials that don’t align with this. Cove’s shape is simple and open – there are no unnecessary bends or hard-to-get-to corners. For the material itself, they considered a variety of options, but ultimately landed on recycled plastic because it’s durable and easy to clean.


Give back program


Re-use program – if customers no longer need a litter box, Tuft + Paw facilitates transportation to local shelters who are always in need of litter boxes. The company doesn’t want to create more landfill and they have connections to the animal shelter community.


Product Features:


  • Integrated scoop, dustpan, and hand brush
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Hand Brush helps easily clean up litter debris without need for vacuum.
  • Scoop slots engineered for fast, effortless sifting
  • Scoop contours match exact contours of  tub for full scoop coverage
  • Grippy bottom so it doesn’t slide around and feels nice to hold
  • 6” walls is recommended by behaviorist as a safe height for all cats to get in (i.e. older cats can still step over the walls)
  • Handle on bottom of tub to easily carry/move/clean/rinse litter box
  • Removable insert that holds tools can be easily cleaned without needing to clean entire litter box
  • Matte textured plastic is durable, sturdy, and easy to clean
  • Made from recycled plastics which is much better than just making a technically “recyclable” product (Cove is both)
  • Reuse program – if customers no longer need litter box, Tuft + Paw facilitates transportation to local shelters who are always in need of litter boxes.


Recycled Materials


Cove uses recycled post-consumer and post-industrial plastics which was a major challenge and many consumers don’t realize that just because a product is “recyclable” does not mean that it’s eco-friendly. It’s easy to get a product that’s technically “recyclable” but sometimes impossible to find a manufacturer who will actually use recycled materials.


The company found many manufacturers who were willing to make the product for them, but using virgin materials. As soon as they would ask for “recycled” raw materials, many manufacturers were not able to proceed.

Tuft and Paw Background


Jackson Cunningham started tuft + paw in 2016 after rescuing his own cat “peppers” and realizing how difficult it was to find nice cat furniture. Living in a small apartment in an expensive city, he didn’t want to add tacky plush cat trees in his space.


Tuft + Paw started reselling other boutique brands out of their warehouse in Michigan and the response and support from cat owners was inspiring. Soon after, they started developing and manufacturing their own designs.


“We feel we’re the perfect team to launch this product. Over the past 18 months, we’ve developed countless iterations with constant improvements – we’ve explored a ton of options. Now we have the final product ready to go and we believe it’s the most beautiful litter box in the world.”

-Jackson Cunningham (founder of Tuft + Paw)


For more information on the Cove litter box


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