Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

NY College engaging in cruel experiments on live cats



The Animal Legal Defense Fund is demanding a college run by New York State University to fully disclose information about tortuous experiments being done on live cats.  A lawsuit has been filed against SUNY College of Optometry in Manhattan.

The suit outlines how cats ages 4 months to a year have their heads mounted in a metal frame so that contact lenses can be forced into their eyes, and their skull is removed so electrodes may be inserted into their brains. The whole procedure takes anywhere from several hours to days to complete.

According to the group the experiments have been going on since 2002 without producing any useful information, however the details of the objectives of the study and the results are not known. The stated purpose of the experiments, which began at Rockefeller University in 1985, is to understand the part of the feline brain controlling vision.

“The public has a legal right to know about the cruel and unnecessary experiments being performed on cats and kittens by SUNY College of Optometry,” says fund executive director Stephen Wells.


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