March 4, 2021

Nothing is Better Than Cuddling a Fluffy Dog

by Jeff Caceres


When it comes to fluffy dogs, I am so crazy about them. It is my dream to own a fluffy dog one day because I love their cuddle bug looks. Not only that, I love cuddling with them much more than the big, short hair or medium hair dog breeds such as Belgian, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and the rest. I a a hugger! Some of the dog breeds I have hugged are none other than the Shih Tzu, Maltese, Chow-Chow, Japanese Spitz, Pomeranian, and Pug. However, Shih Tzu and Maltese dog breeds are my favorites of all time because of their cuteness and soft, plush coats.


It all started when my father surprised my sisters and me with a fluffy mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese named Sweet. To tell you honestly, Sweet is my all-time favorite puppy, but it does not mean that I do not love the other dogs that my family and I have. Of course, I love all of them.  Sweet raised two amazing puppies.




Sitoy is one of Sweet’s children. He’s a tough dog who never backs down from any challenge. Sitoy is never scared of the big dogs in the house: Scooby (German Shepherd) and Sarah (Belgian). Sometimes, Scooby gets a little to close to Sitoy while they eat and  Sitoy then gives Scooby and little growl to warn him he should back off! He is fearless!


I learned not to react to Sitoy with anger when he did something wrong that completely irritated me. Punishment and anger is seen as a threat. Instead I approached Sitoy slowly with open arms, and to my surprise, without holding a grudge for me yelling at him, he pounced on me in a friendly way ready to lick my face!  I apologized to Sitoy for yelling at him and all he wanted was a hug!  I learned that is fearless, but just wants respect and love.


Smarter than the average dog


One of the things that makes Sitoy so smart is how he senses what is going on around him.  He notices that when my mother decides to take the other dogs for a weekly bath, and he will walk away and hide. When my mom tries to carry Sitoy to the tub, he lets her know emphatically that is not what he wants to do.  Mom takes Sitoy in her arms and plays with him for a bit until he calms down and then takes him to the tub.


When we try and put barricades up to keep him from parts of the house he finds ways to get around them. 


Right now, he is 11 years old and the oldest dog in the house. When Sweet and Sutay passed away, I realized Sitoy will not be a part of the family forever.  While he still appears to be strong and playful with the entire family, we are doing whatever we can to have his remaining years be as comfortable and healthy as possible.  


About the author

Jeff Caceres is a guy who loves to play with dogs for fun during spare time. He and his family own 7 dogs, including a senior fluffy mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese. For more information about dog tips, advice, health and training, visit the Love The Woof blog.



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