January 20, 2021

Nobodys Cats And Those Who Care For Them


Christine Arnold in this podcast shares with us the compelling behind the scenes look at feral cat management and TNR with the Nobodys Cat Foundation.  Christine founded the PAWS Trap Neuter Return Program in 2004 and served as the program’s manager through 2011. She has significant experience in all aspects of the strategy, from trapping and high- volume she served for six years as a weekly cat shelter caregiver for the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. Past president of PAWS and former member of the PAWS Board of Directors, Ms. Arnold has also served on the boards of and as a volunteer for the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, Rehabitat, and Wind Ridge Farm Equine Sanctuary. She has been highly active in non-profit fund-raising for more than a decade. A native of south central Pennsylvania, she is a former corporate communicator and free-lance writer with professional experience in all aspects of business and marketing communication. She lives in rural northern York County with three dogs and numerous domestic felines, including a free-roaming domestic cat colony.

Following this the CEO of Kinn Inc will tell us about the Kleenbowl, a water bowl with disposable and biodegradable water purification filters.  You will be surprised the difference it will make in your dogs and cats health and dental health.

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