Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

New National Cat Transport Service Looking For Volunteers

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The Catz Meow | PO Box 440 | Belmont, CA 94002-0440 | (650) 440-7524


USA – We are pleased to announce the formation of an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the relocation of cats and kittens across the continental United States. Whether it’s cats who have been recently adopted or cats who need to be reunited with their families, the loving and experienced volunteers of The Catz Meow transport felines to their destination, safely and securely.

The Catz Meow allows rescue organizations and sanctuaries to broaden their adoption pool by assisting with transporting newly adopted felines to their new forever homes. With thousands of homeless and relinquished cats being euthanized every week for lack of proper homes and foster families, The Catz Meow is determined to make a  difference, and not only through transport assistance, but by educating communities on the importance of spay and  neuter, as well as the benefits of adopting rather than purchasing.

In addition, when a cat has been separated from their owner for any reason, The Catz Meow helps reunite kitties with their loving families. For instance, if a cat gets lost during a move, or is a product of a divorce, or even needs to get to another family member, TCM takes the stress and sometimes prohibitive costs out of cross-country transport.

 The Catz Meow officers have a combined thirteen years of knowledge and experience in feline transport and include Caroline S. Chang, President; Colin Vurek, Vice-President; Sheryl Manos, Secretary; and Angie Huffman, Chief Financial Officer.

“We are a group of people who really love cats. Most of our members also volunteer at their local animal organizations and witness the sadness of ‘not enough homes’ daily,” says president Caroline S. Chang, “And we cry  at the stories of cats being separated from their families with no way to get home. This is the main reason why The Catz Meow is so important to our volunteers.”

How does it work? Simply go to and fill out a “request for transport” form and one of our experienced Transport Coordinators will reply via email within 24 hours with the next step needed in order to get your transport on the road. Our caring coordinators will guide you through the entire process so your transport has a safe and happy ending.

Want to volunteer? The Catz Meow is looking for committed and caring volunteers in all 48 contiguous states to become drivers and offer overnight kitty accommodations. The majority of transports occur on weekends. The Catz Meow is also looking for other volunteer positions where you can help right from your computer at home. To join this exciting new organization, visit

Want to donate? As a pending 501(3)c non-profit organization, all donations to The Catz Meow are tax deductible.  Your gift will be used for transport supplies including hammocks, crates, litter boxes, food and overnight accommodations when necessary. Visit to donate, or visit the Catz Store to purchase fun merchandise.

“Rest assured, all our officers and volunteers receive no monetary compensation. All monies collected are tax deductible and strictly used to benefit the care and safe transport of cats,” says Angie Huffman, CFO.

 For general information on The Catz Meow contact or visit For media information or interview opportunities contact or call (419) 455-1948. You can also help spread the word, or connect with us at

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