New Designer Breed Cats-Do We Need New Breeds?

Breeder April Arguin has  what she calls the Sphynxiebob and and Bambob. Through her cattery called Lil Nudists Cattery, she has developed these breeds and hopes to be recognized by the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.


They are both developed by breeding the hairless breed Sphynx with other breeds.


The Sphynxbob was created by cross breeding a Sphynx hairless cat with the American Bobtail, an American medium hair with a bob tail.


The Bambob is a cross between the Bambino, (another designer breed that is the Sphynx cat bred with the Munchkin, (the short leg gene) and the American Bobtail which creates a hairless cat with dwarf legs and a bob tail.

The Sphynxbob will sell for $2800 and the Bambob for $3500.

‘They are the ultimate show cat and the ultimate lover cat – we call them “velcro kittens” because they need to be with you and on you everywhere you go.

‘They are wonderful with children, love to play, they’re very outgoing and social and they don’t run away when you come near them.’

April, from Jacksonville, Florida, is passionate about the breed she’s been working so closely with for the past nine years.
She said: ‘Sphynx cats stole my heart the very first time I saw one.
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  • Judy Jackson

    This woman is a greedy idiot. There is NO NEED for “designer” breeds.

    • Tracy


  • Tracy

    Disgusting! Breeders / greeders need shut down. So many die in shelters & on the streets every day while these fools make $$$$$ off of innocent animals. Breeders need to go to their local kill shelter & hold the abused, neglected and dumped animals – and yes some breeders do dump once their stock stops producing or off spring are not what they call perfect. Hear them cry in pain, feel them shake in fear and the worst, hold them while they take their last breath because they are too far gone to be saved. I have & I will never support a breeder, not after seeing what these innocent babies go through so some loser can make $. I will stick with my rescues – the ones others abused and tossed out.