July 9, 2020

New Cat Specie Found on Island of Corsica

For years there has been local folklore on the island of Corsica about a fox like cat dubbed the “Fox-Cat”  and recently the cat has been trapped and examined and is now thought to be a new cat specie.

In 2008 the first one was captured, and since then a total of 16 have been seen and documented, and 12 have been captured, examined, and then released.


At a glance it looks like any domestic cat, but it has a much longer body, larger canine teeth, and has a black tuff at the end of its tail.


A captured male has been fitted with a GPS collar, which will give researchers important information about its behavior and life.


“It could’ve arrived at the time of the second human colonisation which dates back 6,500 years before our era. If this hypothesis is confirmed, it’s origin would be considered middle-eastern,” suggests one of the researchers.

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