June 16, 2021

Nearly 100 Cats Rescued From Hoarder and Going up for Adoption


Oregon- Nearly 100 cats rescued from a hoarder in Klamath County, Oregon. Klamath County Animal Control requested the assistance of Oregon Humane Society in finding homes for the cats as there are no other shelters in Oregon capable of handling such a huge influx of animals. The rescue is one of the largest pet rescues in Oregon history.

“We’re hoping to find homes for these cats as soon as possible, even if it puts a major strain on our shelter. Fighting animal cruelty in Oregon is a top priority of OHS,” said Sharon Harmon, OHS Executive Director. Harmon noted that the ability of OHS to find homes for the animals was one reason cited by the owner when the cats were voluntarily relinquished to Klamath authorities.


Felony Charges Sought Against Owner
Klamath law enforcement officers are seeking to charge the owner with 98 counts of felony animal neglect related to the unsanitary and unhealthy conditions in which the cats were living. Before Klamath County Animal Control officers entered the residence in Chiloquinon June 15, they reported being met with an overwhelming odor of cat urine, and after going inside were confronted with a horrific presence of cat urine and feces that were found in overfilled cat boxes. The floor off the residence was stained with fresh and dried feces, diarrhea, vomit, and urine.

Officers and support staff from Klamath County Animal Control used three trucks and a large trailer to transport the cats to the East Ridge Veterinary Hospital for medical checks by Dr. Marcie Keener and Dr. Doug McInnis.


OHS At Capacity; Adoption Special to Be Offered
OHS will provide any needed medical care to the pets and plans to offer them for adoption beginning this Thursday. To reduce the impact on the OHS shelter, which was already operating at capacity, OHS will drastically reduce the adoption fees of all adult cats from June 25–June 28 to 95 cents to reflect the 95 rescued pets brought to OHS. Prospective adopters will receive OHS adoption counseling from experienced staff.

“We are now at the point where every space for cats in our shelter is filled,” said Harmon. The rescued cats, and all pets at OHS, will remain available for adoption without any time limits.

Cats will Be Available to Adopt at OHS and CAT
After the cats arrived in Portland , about 20 to 30 are expected to go into foster homes of OHS volunteers and another 20 will be transferred to the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, OR for adoption at that facility. CAT will offer the rescued pets for adoption for 95 cents beginning June 25. “The Cat Adoption Team is proud to work together with OHS to help these cats get out of a difficult situation and into loving homes as quickly as possible,” said Karen Green, executive director of CAT.

Photos from Rescue, Courtesy of Klamath County Animal Control

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