October 24, 2020

My wife calls this my cat farm

by Larry Gorbet


My wife calls this my cat farm because I can’t let a cat go with out help. Our cat farm started after a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma 2013 when there were a lot of stray animals in town. If you remember this was the tornado that hit two schools in Moore. We had a mama cat show up in our yard with two kittens which we named Tornado and Twister. Twister was in bad shape and took a couple of trips to the vet before she could eat and see very well. I tried to catch mam cat to help her and have her spay. She really tore me up with her claws and teeth. My wife said all she could see was me trying to shake her off my arm. After she had another batch a kittens I put on a heave coat and gloves to catch mama. The vet said I was a brave man to catch that cat, she was one of the wildest cats they have seen.

After having Nador, Twister and mam spay, the vet stopped charging us to have all the kittens spay. We were able to find homes for some of the kittens and made a cat door for the others so they can come in the house when the weather is bad. The big bad mama is now one of the sweetest cats I have insisting I pet her each morning before she will eat.

During this time I guess the word got out that there is free food at the Gorbet house. Another beautiful blue eyed mama moved in and took over where the mean mama left off. So far I have been able to catch all her kittens and find them homes. As I am writing this some one came but to pick up one of Blue eyes last litter of kittens. I have not been able to catch Blue eyes because she will not come near me and my cats won’t stay out of the live trap so she can get in. Wish me luck on catching her.

Thank you Larry for the love you have for these cats. I love showcasing the efforts of everyday people who do this out of love. If there are stray cats in your neighborhood that you are feeding and they allow you to get close enough to handle them to some extent, there are other things you can do to make life a little easier, such as shelter/bedding or giving them a dewormer, ( Cat dewormer review)

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