June 16, 2021

My First Dog Sweet-Is She Cute?



by Jeff Caceres


When I was a high school student, it was my dream to own a fluffy dog. Back then, my family and I had a dog named Spike. He was one of toughest dogs in our neighborhood back then. However, his toughness ends with an unknown degenerative illness. He never missed screaming of his illness while lying on the floor for the rest of his life until death.


Before Spike died, my dad bought and surprised me at home with a white fluffy dog. Her original name was Snow, but my parents changed it to Sweet a few days later. She was a mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese breed. Even if she was not a pure-bred, I still loved, cuddled and played with her during my free time.


A year later, the family and I decided to add some more to our fur family. To cut a long story short, Sweet had two children, Sutay and Sitoy, and three grandchildren (from Sutay), Shok-Shok, Scow and Soting.


Here are the reasons why I called Sweet as my favorite dog:

Sweet kicking back

Reason #1: Sweet could sit like a human for up to 20 seconds


I have never thought that Sweet can do this. One day, I was playing with her on the sofa. I was thinking of letting her sit like a human while holding her two front feet. When I let her go, I was surprised that she is still sitting up and balancing herself. I recorded a video of her doing this, and here is the video below:



Reason #2: Sweet wakes me up, and sleeps with me in my room


There was a time that my mom left my door open while I slept in my room. As I was sleeping, Sweet came in and licked my face!  She woke me up and decided to sleep with me for a while. I rest my arm on her like a pillow while sleeping.  She does this every time my bedroom door is open.


Reason #3: Sweet is the only one who wants to lick me


Sweet is not the only one that I’m carrying in my arms from time to time. I gave equal time to the other fluffy dogs: Sutay, Sitoy and the rest. However, only Sweet licks my chin or neck when I am carrying her comfortably.


Reason #4: Sweet wants to be the first in line to be taken in my arms


Every time I come home, Sweet and the other dogs are excited to see me. Out of all the dogs I have in the house, Sweet is always the first to jump on me, and the rest are just barking at me with joy. As a result, I always carry Sweet first before anyone else.

My buddy Sweet


Reason #5: Sweet is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever owned


The best reason of all why Sweet is my favorite dog is because of her beauty and looks. She is the only female mixed Shih Tzu and Maltese who is pure white. Often, my sister calles her “Teddy Bear.”  My sister loves to cuddle Sweet more than the other dogs inside the house.


Do you have fond memories of your first dog? Please comment below


About the author

Jeff Caceres is a freelance blogger who loves dogs. He and his family currently own 4 fluffy house dogs and 3 guard dogs. He loves to share tips, stories, pictures and videos on living his life with his lovable dogs. You can check out his dog website https://lifewithpuppy.com/ for more stories from different dog owners around the world.


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