My Cat is Working off Weight By Roaming City Streets

Ron Kirk decided to have his 20 year old obese cat Tucker work off weight by roaming the city streets outside his condo and Tucker has become a regular visitor in shops up and down the street for blocks.


“He walks into the bank,” said Kirk, 40, a database analyst who works from home. “He walks into every single place that will let him in. People will stop their cars. If he wobbles away, he’s easy to find.”

In the past year, Tucker has worked off 22 percent of his once 31 pounds.  One might think the cat would not be safe wandering city streets and dodging vehicles, but other than sirens and motorcycles, nothing scares Tucker according to Kirk.


His local  celebrity status is growing thanks to Tucker’s Instagram account  @oakcitykitty

Tucker may act tough but he is a sweetheart to anyone he meets. Half-tabby, half-Maine coon, all attitude,  Tucker was adopted from a shelter that used him as a test subject to see how well dogs brought into the shelter got along with cats!


Now in his senior years, Tucker is satisfied making his rounds and greeting all his new friends while relaxing in his retirement. What else would anyone want in life?