June 16, 2021

Mount Paran Christian School Families Make Upcycled Dog Leashes for Local Police Officers


Marietta, GA  (May 19, 2021)  — On April 23rd, Mount Paran Christian School hosted “Family Serve Day” in which students and their families focus on serving a specific area of their community. Janice Overbeck, local real estate company owner, hosted one of the Family Serve Days over a Zoom meeting with 70+ families working together to upcycle plastic bags into dog leashes for the local Cobb County Police. These leashes come in handy when police officers come across stray dogs from time to time. The families each saved and collected their used plastic grocery bags and made 2 dog leashes totalling 100+ leashes. In upcycling these plastic bags into dog leashes, families are able to recycle plastic bags that otherwise would have gone into the trash. Community Affairs Officer Felicia Russell came into The Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team Office to pick up the leashes and show her gratitude to the families that made them. The recycled leashes align with The Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team’s initiative to end the plastic crisis. The team is working towards limiting plastic usage and enjoys finding different sustainable options for items that would typically be made from petroleum based plastic. The Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team and Mount Paran Christian School are making a difference one step at a time.


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