June 16, 2021

Mother Cat With 3 Kittens Found Living In an Old Birds Nest


Cat Protection, a shelter in the United Kingdom reports a mother cat and her three kittens were found living in a birds nest high up in a tree.  According to the shelter a neighbor reported to the agency that a dead kitten was found in their garden.  After searching the area for the mother and other possible kittens, asking other people in the neighborhood, and even setting up cameras they finally found the mother cat and her kittens sleeping in the birds nest.

They also found a male cat who is bonded to the mother and stands guard over the kittens, plays with them and grooms them.

The shelter named all the cats after birds:  Mother-Oriole,  the kittens Bran, Jay and Lori and the male Willet. All are resting comfortably at the shelter and the kittens are too young  yet to be adopted.



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