Mojo the Cat Saved From the Brink of Death with CPR


Telford, England- A cat named Mojo was thought to be dead when firefighters first found the motionless body on the floor of a room full of black smoke amidst a fire that started in an attic.


When firefighters brought the two year old cat outside, they really did not expect to be able to revive him, but gave him oxygen any way.

“One of the crews brought him out. He wasn’t responding, but we gave him oxygen and some tender loving care and he revived. To be fair I didn’t expect it. The state he was in, I did not think he would be coming around – I was quite surprised,” Crew Manager Adam Tempest explained.


The fire incurred in a group of terrace houses that are linked together.

“The fire was in the loft space but initially it was hard to ascertain which property the fire was in, so we had to break into a couple.

“It all happened very fast and we did find the seat of the fire – but the other properties were all smoke-logged as well.”

He said no one was hurt in the fire, except for – Mojo.

He said: “The cat was in the property affected by the fire, he was trapped in one of the rooms and was unconscious.

Owner Glen Stark said he was relieved his buddy made it out and praised fire crews for giving Mojo a chance at life.

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