Tue. Jan 22nd, 2019

Michigan lawmaker introduces bill that would ban debarking of dogs


Michigan State Rep. Tim Sneller, D-Burton, has introduced a bill that bans the procedure of removing tissue from a pet’s vocal cords in order to reduce or soften a dog’s bark.

“That’s the way the dog communicates with us,” he said. “To have this done just because you don’t want to hear a dog bark is cruel and unusual punishment.”


Four states have laws in place that prohibit devocalization of dogs in most circumstances: Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while California and Rhode Island have laws that prohibit landlords from requiring devocalization or declawing of pets as a condition for renters.


The bills passing is not likely. “I don’t see it going anywhere, but it was really a point to bring the issue up and urge dog owners to think about it before you do it,” Sneller told reporters. “Before you rip out their vocal cords, take your dog to training.”  If you support this bill in MI let your rep know.


Should it be legal in your city to de-bark dogs? Would you do this to your dog? Please comment below

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