January 19, 2021

Michele’s Favorite Pet Products for the Multi-Pet Household

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text by Michele D’Amour McDanel

As “Mom” to an assortment of critters, I have definitely had the opportunity to try out a lot of pet products and refine my list of tried and true go-to products that my little menagerie loves. Here are a few of them; I should note that I don’t get any kind of endorsement or sponsorship from any of these products. This is my unfiltered opinion about what has worked in our home.


S’Wheat Scoop – With multiple cats using a grand total of eight litterboxes, reducing odor and making cleanup easy are super important. My favorite cat litter thus far has been S’Wheat Scoop. The company used to have a loyalty program which would result in getting a coupon for a free bag for every twelve proofs of purchase we sent in – I do miss that.

Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences – We have found Bully Remedy, Peacemaker, and Feral Cat Remedy to be super helpful in easing relationships between our cats. If you haven’t checked it out, Jackson Galaxy’s website has a whole array of Spirit Essences for just about every problem you could encounter with a pet.


Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried cat food (especially Yummy Lickin’ Salmon and Chicken) – When I was trying to get Delios to put on weight, this was the one thing that he would eat without fail. I could just give him a little by itself or sprinkle it on some canned food, and the smell would entice him to eat. Lily (our dog) likes it too.

Royal Canin Oral Sensitive – Our cats love this food. If I mix it with another brand, they will actually pick out the bits of Royal Canin to eat, so there’s definitely a strong preference.

Hot Cats – These are some of the best catnip toys I’ve found. They are toy “sausages” stuffed with catnip flowers and leaves. They are made by a Pacific Northwest-based company and my cats have enjoyed these toys for years. They really stand up to being tossed around, scratched, and chewed. You can find them at a lot of pet supply stores, or from https://www.fullcircleherb.com – check out their Hall of Fang for some great photos of cats playing with their Hot Cats.


Dogswell Happy Hips – We give Lily one of these every night at bedtime, we’ve found that they help with the bit of arthritis that she has. She really likes the chicken, duck, and salmon flavors. The cats will also try to steal them, so I guess they must smell yummy.

Kong, Kong filling, and Kong Cozies – Lily loves her size medium black Kong, with or without filling, but especially with peanut butter or bacon & cheddar filling.

Busy Buddy (bristle bone) – Since Lily is very into chewing, a Busy Buddy is a great toy for her. It’s both chewing and mental stimulation as she tries to figure out how to get to the delicious discs (either rawhide or flavored cornstarch blend) that are part of the toy. Refills for the discs are easy to find, and a Busy Buddy lasts a month or more.

Earth Rated Lavender-Scented Dog Waste Bags – We’ve tried a few brands of dog waste bags, and the Earth Rated ones are our favorites, hands down. Lily doesn’t have a preference, but we appreciate the light scent on these, and that they never break. Tip: We keep a medium sized garbage can (the kind that has a pedal to open the lid) outside for quick and easy disposal of Lily’s poop bags. We line it with a tall kitchen garbage bag and toss out the whole thing about every other week.

Guinea Pig

Oxbow Simple Rewards Cranberry-Rosemary Medley – When we had our Rosie, and we were trying to coax her into eating after surgery, Simple Rewards sprinkled on her pellets did the trick. Hamish likes them too! Of course, the Oxbow pellets are great as well.


Trader Joe’s freeze dried banana slices – As a special treat, Hopper enjoys these unsweetened banana slices either with his greens or on top of his pellets.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Small Pet Healthy Bits – These are great treats to help Hopper keep his teeth from getting overgrown, and he seems to relish them. Hamish doesn’t usually turn these down, either.

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