January 20, 2021

Meow Monday: The Story of Anakin the Two Legged Cat


In May of 2012, Carrie Hawks found a feral kitten she named Anakin that would forever change her life. Anakin is unique for most cats: he was born with only two front legs and no pelvis.

Carrie was feeding a small group of feral cats at her Father’s business when she was surprised to see one of the kittens with it’s Mother only had two legs, and yet was still walking with little effort.

After a few attempts she was able to catch the little kitten and bring him home and she could better observe how the kitten walked.  “He positions his front legs at an angle towards the middle of his body and balances his backend in the air with the use of his tail touching the ground if he needs it. He gets around really well that way and is pretty quick too.”


Anakin played as hard as any kitten, chasing toys, running, and exploring. He is a happy healthy normal kitten that just happens to not have a pelvis or back legs. He is not in any pain at all.

Two xrays on him showed he was born with no pelvis or back legs.  The xray also showed that his insides were not malformed, and he was given the feline leukemia test. He came back negative.

Anakin uses the litter box just like any other cat. he kind of squats to pee. He holds his backend up with his front legs straight to poop. Ani has gotten messy a few times when he decided he has to cover up his business. He sometimes lays down on his side and uses the front paws to cover it and may gets a little on his belly. His regular cat instinct is strong and he wants to do what comes natural to him.  Anakin has 2 kinds of litter boxes. One box has a puppy pee pad in it. The second box is a Breeze box with Yesterday’s News litter.

Anakin had a rectal prolapse when he was about 8 weeks old that had to have purse string stitches. Then he also had a Barium Enema with xrays to check for abnormalities in his intestines. Everything looked normal on the Barium x-rays and also on his regular x-rays as well. He has been treated for coccidia and roundworms. Ani has had all of his normal kitten vaccinations, testing for feline leukemia was negative and has been wormed for other types of worms and parasites.

Anakin had a relapse of his prolapsed rectum on 8/10/12. It was determined that this relapse was caused by diarrhea from the intestinal parasite Giardia, and most likely this parasite has been dormant in his system from when he was rescued him and is just showing itself now. He was hospitalized and had purse string stiches put in place again. He was treated for the parasites and then fully recovered like before. He is getting a fecal check done every few months to make sure the worms and parasites do not reoccur. Anakin has also had a few UTI’s which were treated with antibiotics. He is now on a Urinary Health Supplement so that the UTI’s do not reoccur.


Anakin was neutered with a Cryptorchid Neuter Surgery in March 2013.  Ani’s testicles did not drop so he first had an ultrasound to see if they were inside or if they are completely absent. They were inside just under his skin. His surgery had some complications. Anakin was allergic to the Chlorhexidine solution that was used on his breathing tube. His mouth and tongue became covered with sores and ulcers. He was treated for them and the pain they caused him. Also for his surgery he ended up with a third incision instead of just two because the testicle moved and had to be relocated again. Anakin was on antibiotics to prevent infection but still got a fever and infection. So he was placed on a second antibiotic. He then quickly healed and was soon back to his normal self. His belly fur is growing back where he had to be shaved.

Why neuter Ani? Anakin needed to be neutered for many reasons. He was starting to mark territory in the house like any male cat. Also having testicles that remain in the abdomen is not good for his health. “They are more prone to future problems like cancer or torsion (twisting and cutting off blood supply). So it was best for him to be neutered”, explained Carrie.

Anakin is now over a year old, and remains an active and overall healthy cat and has free reign of the house with four other cats,  (Mika,Trixie, Pixie, George & Zoe), and a 60 pound dog named Buddy.  His legs have grown to be very strong and even allow him to climb up cat trees.

Carrie works at home, and between her, her husband, two children and all the other animals, Anakin always has someone to play with and watching over him.

Carrie does not like to ask people for donations, but readily accepts any help. While the ongoing medical expenses have not been astronomical, they have been substantial.

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