October 26, 2020

Memories of Lil Bub

My memories of Lil bub

The world has lost its favorite internet cat, Lil Bub on December 1st.


If you do not know who Lil Bub is, her story is told on her Facebook page:

“BUB was born with a multitude of genetic anomalies which all add up to one of nature’s happiest accidents. She is a “perma-kitten”, which means she will stay kitten sized and maintain kitten-like features her entire life. She also has an extreme case of dwarfism, which means her limbs are disproportionately small relative to the rest of her body and she has some difficulty moving around. She has short, stubby legs and a long, ferret-like body. Her lower jaw is significantly shorter than her upper jaw, and her teeth never grew in which is why her tongue is always hanging around. Fortunately BUB has a very healthy appetite and eats dry and wet food with no problems. Additionally, BUB is a polydactyl cat, meaning she has extra toes, and in her case, one extra toe on all of her four paws, adding up to 22 toes (and 22 claws). And then of course there are her big, bulging, wonder-filled green eyes. Some think she can see into the future with those things. Despite her unusual looks and numerous “deformities”, BUB is a healthy, happy cat living in the care of her “dude” who treats her like a queen.”


After 2012, Bub’s fanbase started to climb rivaling Grumpy Cat and became a video star and major attraction at the cat video shows popping up at convention centers. While the owners of Grumpy Cat stayed in the background relatively unknown while speaking to the public through PR agents, Mike Bridavsky always dealt with the public and media directly without any middlemen or PR people and did meet and greets at conventions.  Lil Bubs fans have adored Mike as much as Lil Bub for his love and devotion for Bub. From my perspective, Grumpy Cat was the meme star, while Bub represented the love we have for the pure innocence  of those who love life regardless of physical limitations.

How much money Bub earned is not known publicly, however it is known that Mike’s recording business was struggling and Lil Bub’s earnings bailed it out and paid off six months of back rent according to Wikipedia.

I was fortunate to interview Mike on my podcast twice. Mike has not done that many interviews with bloggers and the like and has mostly dealt with major media outlets.  How I managed to squeeze in there I have no idea.  He refused to endorse any one  in the media on his social media or web site. who reports on Lil bub and while he did many endorsements, Mike was very deliberate on what he chose to do and how he promoted the Lil Bub brand.

There will never be another cat quite like Lil bub, but what she taught us will be with us for a long time.

How did Lil bub affect your life?



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