July 9, 2020

Meet the Cat With the Copper Eyes

Smoosh Moosh is a Calico Exotic.  On October 12, 2013, I found myself left alone in front of the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Sylva, NC. I don’t know why I was abandoned, but it was obvious that I had not been well taken care of for awhile. I was skinny, covered in fleas, and my calico coat was thin and dry…as were the scales on my back

You can get lost looking into these eyes

“My life today is incredibly rich in the best ways possible. Besides eating steak every day ( yes, EVERY day), I can sleep as much as I want in giant sun puddles all over the house. I have carte blanche to lounge wherever I choose. The dining room table is now my reception area, where I greet visitors… offering them an opportunity to oouuh and ahhhh over me at a comfortable height. The bed has become my office, where I oversee and dictate messages to social media, as my human sits nearby at the computer. But my favorite spot is the glass and bamboo kitchen table, located near the back door and directly under 2 sun-drenched windows. Not only do I have my steak meals (and occasional dry snacks) there, but I can also observe all the goings on from the shelf just under the glass top. It’s just perfect for hiding in plain sight, and keeps me from missing out on any action going on.

In recent days, I have taken on the added role of “service cat”. My human has been going through a series of spine surgeries which requires that she use a rolling walker to move from room to room. One of the features on this piece of equipment, is a seat…for me, not her. It allows me to be constantly available at all times for those fur therapy sessions that she needs, and she never has to reach far or bend to touch me. It’s a win-win situation…I enjoy riding around the house while she rubs me, and I lift her spirits as we watch Animal Planet together now. It’s a match made in heaven.

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