October 23, 2020

Meet Piglet: A Special Needs Pup that Will Make Your Day

Piglet was one of 38 puppies  born  in a hoarding situation  in a Georgia  breeder home .  The daschund-chihuahua mix puppies were sent to a rescue  where they were adopted  by Melissa Shapiro, a Connecticut veterinarian who offered to foster the 1-lb. puppy. The foster turned into a permanent adoption.

Melissa explains: “Making matters worse, many of the dogs in Piglet’s situation were dapple color patterned. When two dapple colored dogs breed there is a 25% chance that the babies will be “double dapple” meaning that they receive a dominant dapple gene from each parent. Double dapple dogs are white or mostly white and many have congenital ear and eye defects which cause them to be deaf and or blind. Piglet has both- he is deaf and blind.
Piglet’s original people did not intentionally breed two dapples.”

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