September 28, 2020

Meet My New Cat Froto-He is Precious!

photo courtesy of Meow Village


This week I adopted a new cat I named Froto. He is two years old and has a few things that make him stand out! First, as you can see in the photo, his paws are  deformed. Like Froto the Hobbit, he has funny looking feet. He is missing some toes on his front paws, and some of his claws do not retract making him look like he has enormous claws that need to be trimmed. His tail is only a few inches long and the tip is bent around like a J. He also has FIV+.

FIV + is sometimes called the feline AIDS, but basically it just means his immune system is compromised, so if he got sick or an infection, he would have a hard time fighting it off. Cats with this disease can live long and otherwise healthy lives if kept away from other cats and kept indoors.

I have only had him a few days, but I am already in love with him! He is super affectionate, loves being petted and getting belly rubs. One of his most endearing features is his tail. His stubby crooked tail is often wagging just like a dog! It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. He has a rather soft spoken meow, and a kind of horse sounding squawk,  except when he is REALLY hungry and then he gets loud!

He is still getting used to his surroundings, but has his own bedroom where he can feel safe and secure.

I adopted him from Meow Village rescue here in Oregon who works a lot with feral cats in the area. Froto, formerly known as Captain Cutie, was not a feral but was rescued from the outdoors as a stray. Other than that there is no further information on his background available. He was diagnosed with FIV after being rescued in March. He had three strikes that made him difficult to be adopted: being a black cat, having physical deformities, and being FIV positive. None of that mattered to me. It just makes Froto my precious! I will be creating his own Facebook page, and a Facebook group  for support to people who have FIV cats.

Would you adopt an FIV positive cat?

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