November 25, 2020

Meet Beautiful Lilly- a Meyers Parrot

Lilly the Meyers Parrot


by Robert Hudson



Lilly is a Meyer’s Parrot that is  native to Africa, and  known as an easy-going and quiet bird, as well as entertaining and playful.


Lilly was hatched in 2012. Karen Demosthene met Lilly in a chain pet store.  ” I had years of bird experience with fostering and wasn’t looking to buy a bird.”

“She wanted me to be her human! When I would be in the store, if I got close to her cage she would literally jump on to me and not let go. When I was ready to leave the store, an employee would have to get her off of me because she knew to run to the middle of my back where I couldn’t reach her! If I was in the store and she saw me but I didn’t pay attention to her, she would make loud strange chirps. The manager told me I was the only one who came in the store that Lilly would react that way (and I have never heard her make that sound since she left the store).


Lilly the Meyers Parrot


So, after a few months (and I was usually in the store at least once a week) Lilly came home with me. I realized if I had gone to the store one day and she wasn’t there, I would miss my little feathered friend! That was one of the best decisions I ever made…from her quiet little “hi” when I uncover her cage every morning, to her kisses every night at bedtime, best decision ever!”


Meyers are not known for speaking, but may learn a few words. Though this species isn’t known as a cuddle-bug, these birds are affectionate and love being handled and scratched on the head and neck. A hand-fed baby will become a gentle adult if treated properly, and is not prone to nipping, though it can give a powerful bite if provoked. Unlike cockatoos and Amazon parrots, the Meyer’s parrot isn’t going to demand affection, but it needs a lot of handling nonetheless.  These birds are considered a small parrot: 8 or 9 inches.


“I hate to recommend any bird for first time owners. But if they do their homework, provide plenty of toys, and proper nutrition, then yes a Meyer’s Parrot would be a good first bird. As long as they are housed, fed, and socialized properly, they are healthy little birds. Lilly has been with me since 2012 and has never been ill. We go to the Veterinarian annually for her wellness exam.”



“He is looking at me, isn’t he?


“Lilly just spends her day with me. She enjoys playing with her toys on top of her cage. When she wants to eat or nap, she just returns to her cage. When she wants to sit with me, she just walks over to me.”
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